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BSD Series

The BSD Series rotary screw compressors are the perfect air compressor solution for AEP customers looking for a combination of high efficiency and easy use and maintenance. The environmentally responsible design of these compressors means they deliver more compressed air for less power consumption. Suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, the BSD Series is exceptionally versatile and has a service-friendly design.

Key benefits of the BSD Series include:

  • Energy and money savings - The BSD Series rotary screw compressors are equipped with multiple energy-saving technologies. The compressor airends are fitted with flow-optimised SIGMA PROFILE rotors and are monitored and controlled via the industrial PC-based SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller. This allows free air delivery to be accurately matched to meet actual compressed air demand and ensures optimum energy efficiency. Additionally, the Super Premium Efficiency IE4 motors are innovatively designed to boost energy efficiency even further.
  • The perfect team - BSD Series rotary screw compressors team up perfectly with high-efficiency industrial compressed air systems. Enjoy seamless communication between advanced master controllers, such as KAESER’s SIGMA AIR MANAGER, and in-house centralised control systems, and the internal SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller, which offers multiple communication channels. This ensures excellent levels of efficiency and easy setup. 
  • Simple maintenance - Enjoy the savings that will come from the ease of maintenance of the BSD series, as all service and maintenance points are within easy reach and are directly accessible. The BSD Series rotary screw compressors not only have a distinctive and eye-catching design from the outside but are also created to have an intelligent component layout on the inside, for even greater energy efficiency.
  • Electronic Thermo Management (ETM)  - The sensor-controlled temperature control valve integrated into the cooling circuit is the heart of the intelligently designed Electronic Thermo Management (ETM) system, which is powered via an electric motor. Even with differing air humidity conditions, the new SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller monitors intake and compressor temperature to prevent condensate formation. ETM dynamically controls the fluid temperature – low fluid temperature increases energy efficiency. This system also allows the end-user to adapt heat recovery systems to suit their specific requirements.

BSD Series - System Specifications ...

BSD Series - Uncompromising efficiency


At the heart of every BSD system lies a premium quality airend featuring Kaeser’s SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Operating at low speed, KAESER’s airends are equipped with flow-optimised rotors for superior efficiency.


The SIGMA CONTROL 2 ensures efficient control and system monitoring. The large display and RFID reader provide effective communication and security. Multiple interfaces offer exceptional flexibility, whilst the SD card slot makes updates quick and easy.

The future, today: IE4 motors

KAESER is currently the only compressed air systems provider to equip its compressors with Super Premium Efficiency IE4 motors as standard, thereby ensuring maximum performance and energy efficiency.

Electronic Thermo Management

The innovative Electronic Thermo Management (ETM) system dynamically controls fluid temperature to provide reliable prevention of condensate accumulation. This enhances energy efficiency by enabling heat recovery to be precisely tailored to meet customers’ needs.


BSD T Series - Premium compressed air quality with an integrated refrigeration dryer

Energy-saving control

The integrated refrigeration dryer in BSD-T units provides high-efficiency performance thanks to its energy-saving control. The dryer is active only when compressed air actually needs to be dried: This approach achieves compressed air quality with maximum efficiency.

Dependable centrifugal separator 

A KAESER axial centrifugal separator fitted with an electronic ECO-DRAIN condensate drain installed upstream from the refrigeration dryer ensures that condensate is reliably pre-separated and drained, even when ambient temperatures and humidity are high.

Dryer with ECO-DRAIN 

The refrigeration dryer features an ECO-DRAIN. The advanced level-controlled condensate drain eliminates the compressed air losses associated with solenoid valve control. This saves energy and considerably enhances the reliability of the compressed air supply.

Minimal refrigerant required 

The refrigeration dryers in KAESER’s new BSD-T units require approximately 50% less refrigeration than conventional dryers. This not only saves costs but is also significantly more environmentally compatible.


BSD SFC Series - Variable speed control perfected

Optimised specific power 

The variable-speed compressor is the most heavily loaded piece of equipment in every compressor station. The BSD-SFC model is therefore designed with optimum efficiency in mind. This saves energy, maximises service life and enhances reliability.

Precision pressure control

The volumetric flow rate can be adjusted within the control range according to pressure. As a result, the operating pressure is precisely maintained to within ±0.1 bar. This allows maximum pressure to be reduced which saves both energy and money.

Separate SFC control cabinet 

The SFC variable speed drive is housed in its own control cabinet to shield it from heat from the compressor. A separate fan keeps operating temperatures in the optimum range to ensure maximum performance and service life.

EMC certified 

It goes without saying that the SFC control cabinet and SIGMA CONTROL 2 are tested and certified both as individual components and as a system to EMC directive EN 55011 for Class A1 industrial power supplies.