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Compressor installation services from AEP

Our compressor installation services are supported by experienced technical teams.  We work with our customers from initial design to final installation approval.  Providing customers with a professional air compressor system utilises all our expertise and knowledge.  Our capabilities extend far beyond a simple, 'traditional' installation. 

Why should you choose an AEP compressor installation?

Our range of HPC compressors work alongside our distribution of the Infinity range of lightweight, push-fit compressed air piping system.  Utilising this product, we have introduced to the market a sleek and aesthetically pleasing alternative to older galvanised systems.  We are therefore able to provide our customers with advanced compressed air technologies and functionality.

Our technical teams are happy to work to the client’s brief, where the initial design can be accepted in many formats, including CAD right the way through to conceptual designs and final installation approval. Our installations are carried out in accordance with the Pressure Systems Regulations 2000, by our experienced and trained engineers.




In partnership with the AEP Ltd in partnership with Infinity Pipework Infinity ringmain systems

We supply the Infinity range in sizes from 20mm – 168mm.  It has many proven advantages over other competing systems. Its fast connecting and easy to install technology ensures installation labour costs are significantly reduced.

Unlike its competition, this pipework product has an all-round durability, robust finish and corrosion resistant tubing which ensures the system will be long lasting.  Compared with other compressed air systems, AEP can provide the perfect combination of compressor quality and system efficiency.

Our air pipe range comprises of push fit nickel plated brass fittings and powder coated aluminium tube in 4 and 6 metre lengths. It is a true push fit system with fully captivated seals and grab rings.  The smooth bore once assembled ensures large air flows at pressures up to 15bar.

Within the Infinity range are the unique condensate trap tees. 

This component is designed to ensure efficient transfer of air whilst retaining any unwanted water with the system. This water may then be disposed of with the use of a specially designed drain valve.

Contact us to discuss Infinity Pipework installation -

AEP Compressor Installation Pipework

Pipework Installation

AEP's team of in-house pipework fitters are experienced in designing and installing all types of compressed air systems.

Whether a simple modification or an entire new distribution system all our installations are carried out in accordance with the latest British Compressed Air Society 'best practice' guidelines and The Pressure Systems Regulations 2000.

Our preferred installation product is our exclusive 'Infinity' piping system, providing aluminium energy efficient smooth bore piping from 20mm to 110mm and extremely high flow rates.

AEP Ltd is a company with a vast experience in recommending and installing the best material to suit a specific need, so over and above our normal chosen product we also install galvanised steel – medium and heavy weight, stainless steel, copper, ABS and plastic.

As well as compressed air and using CAD software we can design simple or complex installations and schematic drawings.

AEP Compressor Installation

Written Scheme of Examination

Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, a written scheme of examination is required for most pressure systems; only very small systems are exempt.

A written scheme of examination is a document containing information about selected items of plant or equipment which form a pressure system, operate under pressure and contain a relevant fluid.

The term relevant fluid is defined in the Regulations and covers compressed or liquefied gas, including air, at a pressure greater than 0.5 bar (approximately 7 psi) above atmospheric pressure; pressurised hot water above 110 C; and steam at any pressure.

The written scheme of examination should be drawn up by a competent person / company (as defined in the Regulations) who may or may not be the same competent person who advised the user or owner on the scope of the written scheme, that's where we come in please call us for further details.

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We are always here to help ...

If you have an enquiry regarding our Compressor Installation services, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the AEP team.

Send your enquiry by e-mail, submit your enquiry online or call our customer support team on +44 (0)1404 548 000.