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Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary screw compressors supply production processes in industry, trade and workshop applications with a reliable source of compressed air.  They are the preferred choice for users requiring constant pressure over prolonged periods

To ensure rotary screw compressors operate with maximum efficiency, AEP supply the HPC range with its own special rotor profile.  SIGMA profile rotors provide our customers with energy savings of up to 15% compared with conventional rotor profile designs.

In addition, the HPC airends with SIGMA profile rotors boast an exceptionally long compressed air system service life.  This is in no small part a result of the special roller bearings that are precision adjusted and generously sized.  Combined with in-house high-end manufacturing processes with lowest possible manufacturing tolerances, we are confident you have an exceptional product.

Key features of our Rotary Screw Compressors include:

  • Flexible applications including industry, trade and smaller workshop environments
  • Preferred choice for customers requiring constant pressure over extended periods
  • Special SIGMA profile rotors provide up to 15% energy savings
  • Exceptionally long service life as a result of special roller bearings



our range at a glance ...

The Rotary Screw range of compressors is able to deliver exceptional efficiency throughout their service life. You may be looking for a single compressor or a full compressed air station; either way, AEP can meet your requirements.
Process-sure air purity produced with reliability and efficiency are key benefits of Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors. If you are completing a sensitive process and need a robust, clean-running system, this is a good option to consider.
Generating a low vacuum with the energy efficiency your facility demands is made possible with this range. Our three series package options are equipped with a specially developed SIGMA-Profile vacuum airend.
Can't find what you are looking for? The AEP team are always on hand to help you if you can't find the information you are looking for. Please feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have. We look forward to supporting your enquiry.

Save up to 96% energy and reduce your CO² footprint with our 'Heat Recovery' compressed air solution

Your rotary screw compressor converts 100% of the drawn electrical energy into heat. It is possible for up to 96% of this energy can be recovered.  The fully-enclosed design of modern rotary screw compressors makes them well suited to this process.  Both fluid injected and oil free compressors can be used.

Advantages of our heat recovering technology include:

• Reduced Energy Costs:
Energy costs can account for up to 80% of life-cycle costs over the lifetime of a compressor. By using heat recovery, these costs can be significantly reduced

• Reduce CO2 Footprint:
Heat recovery lowers the CO2 emissions of an organisation because energy is utilised more efficiently

Read more about how Heat Recovery could offer significant savings for your business ...