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Standard Compact SXC Series

The Standard Compact SXC Series are convenient all-in-one compressed air packages, perfect for AEP customers looking for a connect-and-go option. This range features an HPC KAESER rotary screw compressor with SIGMA-Profile, a refrigerant dryer and an air receiver, making this series ready-to-run, as all the necessary components for an excellent air supply are under a single solid polyethylene cover. With a footprint of just 0.62 m², this range has been designed for customers who have small space availability. Therefore, these compressed air packages are ideal for light manufacturing, trades, workshops or as a craftsman's package.

Key benefits of the SXC Series include:

  • Highly efficient - Rotary screw compressor airend which are equipped with high-efficiency SIGMA profile rotors, are featured in every SXC compact compressed air package. This ensures you save more air, energy and subsequently, money.
  • Maximum performance - The “Sigma Control basic” compressor control system features an energy-saving start-stop control. This makes certain that SXC all-in-one packages perform at the optimum level. 
  • Suits all requirements - SXC Series compressed air systems are available in four model configurations, and have available drive powers from 2.2 to 5.5 kW. In addition to this, the SXC models measure only 61.5cm wide and have and a compact footprint of only 0.62 square metres, making this series suitable for customers with minimal space. This guarantees you will find the right model for your specific requirements.
  • Quiet and clean - SXC integrated packages are exceptionally quiet, with a maximum sound level of only 69 dB(A). Additionally, these models produce clean and dry compressed air at all times due to the integrated refrigeration dryer and electronically-controlled condensate drain, which reliably removes condensate from the air receiver and refrigeration dryer.

SXC Series - System Specifications ...

SXC Standard - quality in every detail

Energy saving Sigma Profile

Within every SXC system lies a high quality airend featuring SIGMA PROFILE rotors. These consume approximately 10-20% less energy than conventional rotors with the same air delivery capacity. This makes a significant contribution to impressive overall efficiency.

The Sigma Control basic

With its efficient start-stop control, the "Sigma Control basic" ensures optimised compressed air system performance at all times and constantly monitors the entire SXC package.

Maintenance friendly

All maintenance and service points are easily accessible once the SXC's removable enclosure is effortlessly lifted away. The electronic condensate drain can be inspected via a grille. Needless to say, the SXC is designed for maximum ease of maintenance.

Efficient cooling

HPC compressors are renowned for their innovative cooling systems and SXC packages are no exception. Three fans are installed to ensure optimum cooling and a dedicated fan with independent drive motor provides dependable fluid cooling.