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Oil Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary screw compressors with fluid cooling are used in a wide range of markets and areas of industry

These fluid-injected systems are highly durable and are able to operate with great reliability.  Their efficiency extends even when operating at high temperatures of up to 45ÂșC.  These benefits combine to ensure the investment costs are in fact comparatively low.

  • Majority of the cost of a compressor comes from the energy it require to run (up to 80%.  In fact, it would be possible to purchase multiple systems for the amount it costs to run a compressed air system for its normal life-cycle.
  • Our HPC rotary screw compressors with fluid cooling are equipped with energy-saving SIGMA profile airend rotors and premium efficiency electric motors.

The result of these features allows AEP customers to benefit from an energy saving of up to 15% compared to conventional rotor profile designs


our range at a glance ...

With the HPC V-belt drive, this range gives outstanding efficiency and reliability. All models feature the SIGMA profile rotor for optimum energy saving. Click to view the four models within this fluid control compressor category.
AEP provide a complete modular compressed air package with the SXC and AIRCENTRE Series. We simply connect up your system and you can begin operations without delay.
Both powerful and energy efficient. Our Direct Drive range connects the airend directly with the drive motor. This ensures you will experience no transmission loss.
High flow rates and fail-safe performance are two key benefits of this model. This is a result of the two complete 1:1 direct drive compressor units featured in a highly compact footprint of only 7.45 squares metres.