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Belt Driven Rotary Screw Compressors

Belt driven rotary screw compressors offer outstanding efficiency and reliability for AEP customers looking for a compressed air solution.  This range features the energy-saving SIGMA profile rotor and a SIGMA Control 2 (or optionally a SIGMA Control Basic) controller.  You can choose from four series with these technical paramaters:

  • Pressure: 8, 11 or 15 bar
  • Flow Rate: 0.26 - 4.65 m³/ min

All series are available as standard models but also with:

  • Add-on refrigeration dryer for high compressed air quality and/ or
  • Speed-controlled motor for a large flow rate control range (SM, SK and ASK Series)


Key benefits of the Belt Driven Rotary Screw Compressor range:

  • Highly-Efficient Power Transmission - The quality drive belt with automatic tensioning device ensures consistent transmission efficiency and excellent drive system reliability over the entire service life
  • Easy to Maintain - The housing is easily opened.  All components are logically arranged and easy to access.  Maintenance work is therefore made quick and simple
  • Exceptionally Quiet Running - The soundproofed housing reduces operational noise to a minimum.  Normal conversation can take place right next to the compressor

AEP have four models within the Belt Driven Rotary Screw Compressor range.  Each offers an aspect of functionality designed to suit a particular compressed air application. 

View the four available models below and select each to view details in full.

Oil lubricated with Belt drive - our range at a glance

SX Series is compact, powerful and arrives ready to run with fully automatic operation. It has a modular design that offers dependable performance. With exceptional sound proofing and vibration dampening it runs very quietly. It is suitable for ambient temperatures up to +45 °C. All panels are powder coated for added durability. A removable cover makes service points easily accessible.
The SM Series compressor is quiet, powerful, durable and reliable; all qualities our customers are looking for in a compressor. It is single stage with cooling fluid injection for optimal rotor cooling. With an HPC screw compressor airend, SIGMA Profile and premium quality electric motor it offers efficient compressor capability.
The SK compressor series goes far beyond the key expectations of maximum air availability and efficiency. From a small foot-print compressor, they deliver more compressed air for less power consumption. Combined with ease of use and maintenance they offer exceptional versatility and an environmentally responsible design.
ASK rotary screw compressors are true class leaders when it comes to impressive performance. They achieve this through continued airend development, further optimisation of the SIGMA Profile rotors and low speed operation. These enhancements have enabled free air delivery to be increased by as much as 16%.

Save up to 96% energy and reduce your CO² footprint with our 'Heat Recovery' compressed air solution

Your rotary screw compressor converts 100% of the drawn electrical energy into heat. It is possible for up to 96% of this energy to be recovered.  The fully-enclosed design of modern rotary screw compressors makes them well suited to this process.  Both fluid injected and oil free compressors can be used.

Advantages of our heat recovering technology include:

• Reduced Energy Costs:
Energy costs can account for up to 80% of life-cycle costs over the lifetime of a compressor. By using heat recovery, these costs can be significantly reduced

• Reduce CO2 Footprint:
Heat recovery lowers the CO2 emissions of an organisation because energy is utilised more efficiently

Read more about how Heat Recovery could offer significant savings for your business ...