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SK Series - Rotary Screw Compressor

SK Series compressed air systems offer maximum availability and efficiency

The small footprint of the SK Series HPC compressor makes it highly versatile while still providing maximum air availability.  AEP are able to recommend this system to customers with confidence it will meet their demand for high functionality and efficiency.  Delivering more compressed air for less power consumption is a key feature of these systems.  Along with ease of use, simple maintenance and versatility, they are also environmentally responsible in their design.

Key benefits of the SK Series include:

  • Significant performance boost - our extended team of engineers at HPC have worked hard to develop a high-performance compressed air system.  This has been achieved through optimisation of the airend and reducing internal pressure losses.
  • Energy saving and optimised design - the SK series HPC Compressor is designed with optimum energy efficiency in mind.  The energy-saving Sigma Profile airend rotors have undergone further refinements coupled with the use of premium IE3 efficiency motors.  These technical elements have made a significant contribution to these versatile, performance compressors.  In terms of design, service point access and sound-absorbing compressor enclosure features make this system popular with AEP customers.  Three intake openings provide air-flow for high efficiency compressor cooling, the drive motor and switching cabinet.
  • Modular system concept - This range is available in a standard, T and AIRCENTRE versions.  The 'T' model is equipped with an integrated, thermally shielded refrigeration dryer with the next step-up being the AIRCENTRE system.  This model has the addition of an under-slung air receiver.
  • Energy efficiency, an essential requirement - AEP are committed to helping customers minimise energy costs for compressed air production.  Purchase and maintenance of a compressor is only a small part of the investment cost required to create compressed air.  Energy usage is the biggest operational cost to business, but we are focused on helping you achieve maximum efficiency.

SK Series at a glance..

SK Standard - the design is in the details


At the heart of every SK system lies a premium quality airend featuring KAESER's SIGMA PROFILE rotors.  Operating at low speed, these airends are equipped with flow-optimised rotors for superior efficiency.


The SIGMA CONTROL 2 ensures efficient control and system monitoring.  The large display and RFID reader provide effective communication and maximum security.  Multiple interfaces offer exceptional flexibility whilst the SD card slot makes updates simple.

Maximum efficiency: IE3 motors

The HPC SK series rotary screw compressors from AEP feature energy-saving. premium efficiency IE3 drive motors.

Efficient cooling

Our innovative cooling system uses high efficiency dual flow fans and separate air flow channels. AEP achieve optimum cooling performance, low compressed air discharge temperatures and minimal sound levels while promoting efficient air compression.


SK 'T' (SFC) series - also available with refrigeration dryer and variable speed control 

SK with energy-saving dryer

The compressed air refrigeration dryer is installed in a separate enclosure to prevent exposure to heat from the compressor package.  The automatic dryer shutdown feature further aids energy-efficient performance.

Variable speed control available

The use of variable speed control can provide definite advantages for specific applications.  For this reason, this option is also available for SK series compressors.  The frequency converter is integrated into the compressor system's control cabinet. 

Even quieter

The new cooling system provides outstanding cooling performance and enables optimum sound-proofing.  Normal conversation can take place right next to this compressor when it is running.

Maintenance friendly

All maintenance work can be carried out from one side of the unit.  The left housing cover is easily removed to allow excellent component accessibility.


SK AIRCENTRE - The compact and efficient compressed air package

Connect and go

This compact compressed air package simply needs to be connected to the power supply and compressed air distribution network.  That's it!

Durable air receiver

The 350-litre air receiver is especially designed for installation in AIRCENTRE systems.  All inner and outer surfaces are coated to provide excellent corrosion protection and to ensure long service life.

Service friendly design

The left-hand housing cover is easily removed to allow excellent accessibility to all service points.  Inspection glasses allow convenient inspection of fluid levels and drive belt tension whilst the unit is in operation.

Excellent component access

All maintenance and service components are easily accessible, which significantly reduces the downtime associated with service and maintenance tasks.  this helps to increase compressed air availability and minimises operating costs.